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Why Give?

We’re proud to be recognized as one of the best downtowns in the nation. It is because of our valued friends and supporters like you, and a strong network of dedicated volunteers, that we are able to build community spaces, make art accessible to all in an outdoor art gallery, offer quality events such as Rock the Block and Food Truck Rallies, as well as beautify the downtown with stunning flower pots and holiday displays!  This is only a snapshot of what our community has been able to achieve together, but we’re not done yet.

There is a deep need to grow and spread that energy and enthusiasm that has made our downtown the vibrant, thriving community that it is. Every event hosted, every historic storefront, and community space requires funding to offer the greatest experience. We want to continue to provide the unique warmth, style, and year-round activities that make you love where you live! So show your love of your community with a donation today.

All donations are tax deductible, with every dollar being invested back into your downtown.

Ways to Donate To Your Downtown:

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